World AIDS Day is celebrated on December 1 across the globe to educate people and honor those who have lost their lives due to this deadly disease. The Atiwa East district this year selected Anyinam Sub district specifically Asamang Tamfoe Chps to host this programe. The day is celebrated not only to spread awareness about the disease but also to remind the people and government that HIV has not gone away.

Currently the new development in HIV care is;

1 one pill a day

 Acquired Immune -Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a life threatening disease in which a person immune system becomes weak and redundant, thereby causing it to easily get affected by various common infections which in most cases lead to death. Also termed as HIV or the human Immune deficiency Virus, AIDS in its first later stage complication developed when a person suffers from HIV.

  • Viral load monitoring is on annual basis
  • Clients who attain viral load suppression below 20 copies /ml  are to stop daily tabs and receive 2 monthly injection (implementation has not yet started)
  • Strict monitoring and management of viral load and early infant diagnosis.

The 2022 World AIDS Day was celebrated under the theme is ‘Equalize.’

This theme is call to action. It is a prompt for all of us to work for the proven practical actions needed to address inequalities and help end HIV/AIDS.    

However, still a long way is to be covered before those who are battling with the condition can truly come out and live with dignity in society


The programe started District -wide social mobilization from 20th November- 1st December, 2022. Letters was distributed to churches, schools, opinion leaders and other important personalities.

Announcement made on OM Radio station and all other community information centers with our district to create HIV awareness.

DAYS                                                                         ACTIVITIES

25/11/2022Health Education at Anyinam & Moseaso Mosque
28/11/2022Health Education in all selected schools- Anyinam Presby, Anyinam Roman, Addai Yeboah Preparatory, Heavenly Bless Preparatory
29/11/2022Health education at  OM Radio
30/11/2022Health education in at selected Information Centres- Moseaso, Enyiresi, Anyinam & Asamang Tamfoe.
01/12/2022Durbar fo World AIDS Day Celebration.


Grand durbar was   held on 1/12/2022. The programe started at 7:30 with a float from Anyinam Zongo through Asamang Tamfoe and we all gathered at the fore court of the Chps compound for the main programe to begin. The programe started 10:00am with an opening prayer by Rev. Oti Amparbeng. The purpose of gathering was said by Mr.Ekow the Physician Assistance of Asamang Tamfoe Chps. He emphasized on the need of knowing your HIV status, discouraging stigmatization, as well as creating HIV awareness.           

The district HIV focal person gave a speech on cause of HIV, mode of transmission preventative measures and possible treatment with an open form.  Later district public Health Nurse Madam Precious Mensah who represented the DDHS also gave a speech on HIV. She thanked the opinion leaders for their support. However, she made it known that she was quiet disappointed with the number of people gathered for such an important occasion. She emphasized that people should understand that HIV disease is still around. Therefore people, especially the youth should try and stay away from pre-marital sex. A role play on HIV was displayed by Roman Catholic JHS people to educate the general public that HIV is real, it exist and it can affect anybody no matter your age or status, during that HIV screening was on going.  


The programe came on successfully as planned. However, attendance from the community was not encouraging.  Despite the support the District Assembly gave us, we hope to have more than what we anticipated for.


We plead for more support in terms of finance to support such a district programe.


Our profound gratitude goes to the Almighty God for taking us through this exercise. We also like to thank the Atiwa East District Assembly for the warm support. Thirdly to DDHS . Also, to all facilities In Charges who cooperated well with us for smooth work done. However, we hope all problems identified at the various facilities will be tackled for necessary work done

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