May be an image of one or more people, people sitting, people standing and indoor

The DCE in his opening remarks thanks all members for honoring the invitation. Capacity building is vital on the Job. He urged all participants to the program to show maximum cooperation and participate fully to benefit from the program. He further encourages participate to take notes and ask for any clarification during the course of the training.

May be an image of one or more people, people sitting, people standing and indoor

IN ATTENDANCE were the District Chief Executive; Hon. Kwabena Panin Nkansah, All Departmental heads and some selected supporting staffs. PRESENTATION BY THE CONSULTANTEnvironmental degradation is not unique in Ghana. Human activities one way or the other has contributed to adverse effect on our environment. We are experiencing the effect on our environmental degradation.Climatic ChangeClimatic change means;Changes in the harmattanChanges in the water bodies levels.Changes in the forest covers.Diminishing of certain animal species. The Causes of Climatic ChangesHuman activities like the illegal mining.Construction of building.Farming activities.Handling and disposal of waste management.Disposal of liquid waste.Human open defecations.Effects of Global Warming. Diminishing of or beautiful vegetative cover.Environmental Pollutions.Challenges to Environmental ProtectionPolitical. This can be seen at even the local levels. How resources are allocated.Human Over-Population.Crop and animal Farming.Habitat destructions.Earthquake.Bush Fire.Resource Depletion.CONCLUSIONThe workshop was successfully organized. Participants were task to be an agent of change. We have to transform the environment where we find ourselves. We must desist from all forms of negative activities that degrade or pollute our environment. God done with creation and so He is not going create any new environment for us. Let us therefore protect, Preserve and protect our environment that we have. The Consultant thanked all Participants

May be an image of one or more people, people sitting and indoor

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