On Thursday 17th November 2022 Atiwa East District Assembly received an entourage from the Ghana Armed Forces Training School who were on tour to some selected mining districts to study the impact of mining within the district.

The District Coordinating Director welcomed students and security personnel from the Ghana Armed Forces and all heads of departments from the district assembly to the function. He mentioned that the program was a very important program and would crave the indulgence of all participants to pay rapt attention and provide the necessary contributions to see to the success of the program. He also extended the warmest greetings to all participants on behalf of the District Chief Executive.

The team leader for the Ghana Armed Forces team; Mr. Mantey was also called upon to address the function. He expressed his gratitude to management and staff of Atiwa EAST District Assembly for their warm reception and urged all students to pay attention to all the presentations.

The District Chief Executive Hon Kwabena panin Nkansah was called upon to give the presentation for the occasion. He made presentations on the Profile of the District, Assessment of Micro-Economic Drivers of Illegal Mining, Gaps in the Fight against Illegal Mining, Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Various Government Approaches and Action Plan towards dealing with Illegal Mining and Assessment on the Roles of Traditional Authorities in the Fight Against Illegal Mining.

After discussions, deliberations and questions on the presentation, the team presented a plaque to the District Chief Executive and expressed their profound gratitude to the management of the assembly for the good work and kind reception given to them.

The District Coordinating Director also thanked the team on behalf of the District Chief Executive and mentioned that the doors of the assembly were always open for collaborations, discussions

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