On Tuesday 25th October 2022, the Ghana Enterprise Agency in collaboration with ATIWA EAST District Assembly held a stakeholder engagement with the business community within the district in relation to Ghana Jobs and Skills Project.

The District Information Officer; Mr. FrederickAgyei opened the program and stated the purpose of the program. He mentioned that the government was undertaking the project to help build entrepreneurship skills of the youth within the district. He mentioned that all participants should take particular attention in order to fully benefit from the program.

The BAC Head for Fanteakwa South Assembly; was called upon to deliver the main presentation for the program. He mentioned that the Ghana Jobs and Skills Project was a program under the Ghana Enterprise Agency, an Agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry which sought to empower youth through Entrepreneurship training and provision of grants as start up capital.

During the presentation, the key aspects that were relayed to all participants were that people between the ages of 18 and 40 only qualified for the project. Also, the person should have a minimum of BECE Education Certificate Examination and must be willing to start up a business. School dropouts who are already in business will also be considered for the project. Special attention would be given to women and persons with disabilities.

As part of the presentation, he stated that grants that would be given after the training could be used for purchase of equipment and machinery for the business, working capital for purchase of raw materials and consumables, payment for technical advisory services, training and subscriptions to platforms, payment for regulatory compliance amongst others.

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