NUTRITION ORIENTED PROGRAMMES

Iron Folic Acid SupplementationPregnant women and adolescents out of schoolTotal no. of pregnant women dosed with Iron folic acid-2280. Total no. of adolescent out of dosed with Iron folic acid-454 representing 19.5%To reduce anemia among pregnant women and adolescentsIGF . No support from other source
Growth monitoring and promotionChildren under fiveTotal children weighed-22405 Total underweight-103 representing0.5% Total no. of under-five who had their length and height measured-1764 Total stunted-0.1%Track child growth, reduce high rate of underweight and stunting as well as reducing child mortality among the under fivesIGF. No support from other source
National child health days campaignPostpartum mothers, children under five and male involvementAnnual celebration of child health promotion week which is being celebrated in every May was celebrated at Abakoase. Total attendanc-170. Annual celebration of world breastfeeding being celebrated every August took place at New Jejeti Total attendance-140Promote child health and nutrition. To reduce child morbidity and mortalityIGF only. No other support
Vitamin Supplementation to under-fiveChildren between the ages of 6-59Total number of children 6-59 dosed with vitamin A-70393Improve vit A among children 6-59IGF.No other support for mop-ups
Community based management of acute malnutritionChildren under five years with severe acute malnutrition with MUAC of <11.5 cmTotal no. of admissions-4 representing 2.3% which is low due to the fact that no food available for the management of casesTreat/prevent severe malnutrition in food insure parts of the DistrictIGF.No support for the purchase of therapeutic for the management of cases
Food vendors training and inspection of environmentAll food vendorsNot done due to the fact that no financial support for such activitiesTo ensure that foods are prepared and sold under hygienic conditionNo support for monitoring and training of food vendors
Clinic for diabetic patients and hypertensiveAll diabetic and hypertensive patientsMonthly supportive visit to Enyiresi government hospital To help reduce further complication as a result of the condition through nutritional counseling and educationNo support for such activity.

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