Asamang -Tamfoe R/C Basic school is one of the well-known basic schools in the Asamang -Tamfoe. It has a total population of one hundred and fifty- five (155) pupils. Out of the total population, seventy-three (73) are girls and eighty-two (82) are boys. The school has five (5) female teachers and nine (9) male teachers making a total of fourteen (14) teachers.

Issues Discussed

Some of the issues discussed were as follows: 

  • Child labour 
  • Child maintenance and neglect/Parenthood 
  • Child Abuse/Domestic violence
  • Teenage Pregnancy 
  • Functions of the Department 
  • Skin Bleaching

After the presentation, students and teachers were allowed to ask questions for the technical officers to address them appropriately. Students with unresolved questions were directed to visit the Department’s office premises. The programme ended at 1:30pm.

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