Women in Agribusiness play critical role in Agriculture and food security in the District, Ghana. The department of Agriculture however realize that, women in Agribusiness were confronted with some challenges such as Inadequate Financial Assistance, Gender imbalance, Low Market Networks among others, which make their work very difficult and these challenges seem to hinder most of the women from entering into Agribusiness.

With this at hand, The Atiwa East Department of Agriculture organized a Women in Agribusiness Forum under the theme “Women in Agribusiness: catalyst for local economic development” on 5th October, 2022 at Atiwa East District Assembly Hall. The programme was attended by the Acting Eastern RCD (representing Hon. Eastern Region Minister), Eastern RDA, Hon. DCE of Atiwa East District, 50 women and other participants. The main objective of the forum was to involve more women in agribusiness and value addition to their produce. The speakers at the forum spoke on the “Role woman play in Agribusiness”, “Establishment of Platform for Woman in Agribusiness”, Financial Institutions involvement in Agribusiness”, How to establish and register your business” among others. The Department exhibited “Atiwa Rice” product, Atiwa chocolate, honey, rice yoghurt, palm oil, chocolate, Tom brown, bamboo bags, and others during the programme.

The Women in Agribusiness Forum held at Atiwa East District Assembly Hall, Anyinam.

The Women in Agribusiness Forum held at Atiwa East District Assembly Hall, Anyinam,

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